A purpose-driven medical device company.

We're on a mission to bring highly effective wound care to patients everywhere in a financially sustainable way so as to permanently improve lives.

The Challenge

Wound Care Across the Globe

> 0 Million
patients with
hard to heal wounds

1 in 4

U.S. families has a family member with a chronic wound

Our Solutions

We leverage advanced biomaterials and unique business approaches to provide cost-effective advanced wound care solutions to patients around the world.

Human Keratin Products

ProgenaCare has developed a novel product platform built around human keratin. This natural human protein is capable of providing excellent outcomes for patients with complex wounds in a highly cost-effective manner.

Patient-Focused Services

ProgenaCare's goal is to provide effective wound care to complex wound patients regardless of wound characteristics, socioeconomic status, or geographic location. We pursue this goal by pairing our unique products with equally innovative patient-centered business approaches.

ProgenaMatrix is a novel, advanced wound care product constructed from human keratin and is the only human keratin matrix commercially available.

The first and only human keratin matrix.

Seeing is Believing

Dr. Methodius is a Vascular Surgeon and Wound Care Specialist using ProgenaMatrix on stubborn, chronic wounds.