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ProgenaCare is a purpose-driven medical device company leveraging cutting-edge advances in biomaterials to provide effective, affordable advanced wound care solutions to patients across the socioeconomic spectrum and around the world.

Our Mission

At ProgenaCare, we are on a mission to harness the power of science to improve lives. We take a human approach to the business of wound care, seeking to care for patients wherever they are.

Successful wound healing requires both patients and providers to feel heard, understood, and valued.

>20 Million

Patients with hard to heal wounds across the globe

1 in 4

U.S. families will have a family member with a chronic wound.


Of untreated wounds result in amputation


Chance of death within 5 years for diabetic patients who suffer an amputation

Image of a physician wrapping a wound on a patient's foot.

ProgenaMatrix is a novel, advanced wound care product constructed from human keratin and is the only human keratin matrix commercially available.

revyve Antimicrobial Wound Gel

The revyve Antimicrobial Wound Gel is a combination of Kane’s patented coactiv+ antibiofilm technology and PHMB in a thermo- reversible gel. The combination of these three components provides for a moist environment best suited for wound healing with superior antimicrobial activity in an easy-to-use gel.

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With a motivation to see humans heal, we’re driven by getting products on as many patients as possible – regardless or where they live or how much money they have. We’ve seen far too many patients who were not able to get the product that would help them heal due to outside circumstances. We’re focused on removing the barriers to access through unique programs that put patients first.


The CaringAccess program provides ProgenaMatrix, a first of its kind human keratin matrix, at no cost to qualifying uninsured and underinsured patients. The program is intended for patients who could benefit from ProgenaMatrix but are unable to afford the treatment costs associated with the product.

The Bigger Picture

ProgenaCare is an enterprise of Better Right NOW! and is dedicated to the reduction of human suffering.

Better Right NOW! is a network of enterprises dedicated to the sustainable reduction of the suffering of children, the wounded and the unemployed of both the developed and developing world. We operate in the fields of advanced medical devices and technologies as well as agriculture and care for underprivileged children.

Our Team

Let the people of ProgenaCare explain why joining this movement has changed their lives as they change the lives of others. We hope you too will join the movement to make things better.

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