Shared Success Program

For the first time ever, all parties share in the risks and rewards of successful patient outcomes

• All parties are aligned and incented to work toward patient’s successful outcome

• Give all healthcare stakeholders an ability to share in the risks and rewards of positive, patient outcome focused care

• Addressing needs of patients, physicians, payors, manufacturers, and the medical system

Quick description

Risk- and responsibility-sharing between the product manufacturer, payor, clinician, and patient – similar to a money-back guarantee.

• Applies to patients of POC/ GAP entities only

Guaranteed Affordability Program

Quick Description

ProgenaCare’s products are offered to hospitals at a fixed price regardless of the size of the product, for the entire course of treatment of a specific patient, up to a maximum number of treatments.


• Give hospital administrators comfort that treatment of wound patients will be affordable for them every time regardless of wound size or complexity

• Addressing needs of patients, physicians, the medical system

• Financial considerations will no longer be in conflict with patient outcomes

• A partial cure for the brokenness of the healthcare system

Participation in the Program

• The hospital is required to collect treatment and outcome data on the patient in ProgenaCare’s system

• That data is used by ProgenaCare’s AI to develop knowledge used in its other programs