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The Science of Keratin

These studies have inspired ProgenaCare to seek applications of keratin as a wound dressing.

Studies have proven that keratin stimulates keratinocyte migration and collagen synthesis, which is important for wound bed re-epithelialization. Keratin stimulates keratinocytes in vitro to produce increased Type IV and VII collagens which are central to basement membrane reconstitution during the healing process.1

ProgenaMatrix® Description

ProgenaMatrix is a novel, advanced wound care product constructed from human keratin and is the only human keratin matrix commercially available.

The all-natural, robust human keratin protein that constitutes this specialized biomaterial offers a completely unique solution to wound care clinicians. The human keratin technology in ProgenaMatrix is hydrated, non-cellular (not tissue-based), non-resorbing, and supports the body’s own healing process. The bio-inspired design makes ProgenaMatrix the next generation of advanced wound therapy in the CMS skin substitute category.

• The matrix is made from all-natural components
° No synthetic ingredients


• ProgenaMatrix is a monolithic biomaterial made of protein and water

• Keratin is the predominant protein with several keratin subtypes
° Contains other non-keratin proteins also

• It is packaged in a sterile moisture-proof, peel-open pouch containing water and propylene glycol.

Features of ProgenaMatrix

• The only Human Keratin Matrix

• Easy storage at room temperature; no fridge or freezer requirements

• Long shelf life: 2 years and 10 Months

• No need to rinse in sterile water or saline

• Compatible with secondary dressings

• Does not resorb or degrade into the wound

• Per the IFU, “UP” embossment denotes the side which should be facing away from the wound

• As the matrix dehydrates, the matrix corners & edges are prone to curl in the “UP” direction

• ProgenaMatrix also contains a grid embossment
° These lines demarcate 2cm increments
° The smallest square created by the grid embossment is approximately 2cm x 2cm

• Kosher certified

• No cultural or religious barriers, unlike porcine or human-tissue based products

ProgenaMatrix is indicated for dry and exuding partial and full-thickness wounds such as:

• Venous stasis ulcers

• Diabetic foot ulcers

• Pressure ulcers

• Partial-thickness burns

• Surgical wounds

• Donor sites and grafts


ProgenaMatrix Instructions For Use


Ordering Information

SizeProduct Code
2 cm x 2 cmPM3002
4 cm x 4 cmPM3004
6 cm x 6 cmPM3006
10 cm x 10 cmPM3010
12 cm x 2 cmPM2012

Phone: (877)PROGENA (776-4362)


Q4222, ProgenaMatrix, Human Keratin Matrix, per cm2*

ProgenaMatrix Patient Support Program
Please contact our ProgenaMatrix Patient Support Program for all reimbursement-related questions.

*ProgenaMatrix continues to be reimbursed in the higher bucket reimbursement group for CMS in 2021 and 2022. 

Reimbursement Support Hours 8:30am – 5:00pm ET, Monday – Friday

1Tang L, Sierra JO, Kelly R, Kirsner RS, Li J. Wool-derived keratin stimulates human keratinocyte migration and types IV and VII collagen expression. Experimental Dermatology, 2012, 21, 458-460